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A woman contacted us because she had been observing for several months that her husband’s business trips interstate were a couple days longer than their previous duration, and he frequently had to miss extended-family events with his grandchildren due to being absent on weekends.


Spousebusters documented details of the husband’s previous trips and exactly when the pattern had begun to alter and then dispatched an operative at the arrival airport on his next business trip, and after noting his hotel, tracked his whereabouts and activities in the evenings as well as at the end of the business week. Spousebusters discovered the existence of a woman who appeared to be playing the role of mistress to our client’s husband. This information empowered our client to confront her husband about the state of their marriage.

Whether you suspect criminal activity, child neglect, a cheating spouse, or corporate espionage, our hand-picked, professional private investigators Sydney team (and operatives throughout Australia) work with the utmost respect. Your privacy and safety are our top priorities.

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