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Chris N

“Spousebusters uncover the truth – The name saids it all. I highly recommend this investigation company to anyone for surveillance work. I contacted the company first to explain my situation. I received a detailed information about the company and all the services it has to offer. The agent was very helpful/caring. I was asked to fill out a simple form which I did explaining my situation. On the day of Surveillance I was given regular detailed feedback via mobile communication. He had all the equipment needed to do my job. My job was immediate successful and I received a full report. My goals were met and I got the result I wanted. On the day I got the result I was able to talk to the agent personally for a chat and I thanked him enormously. By my experience if you need any surveillance work Spousebusters is the company to go for. Don’t risk failure from another company.”

Michelle W

“Cant recommend Spousebusters highly enough, the communication and helpfulness from everyone involved was excellent. Best money I have ever spent.”

Julian C

“Highly recommend this company for investigative services. Attentive, efficient and meticulous in their approach. There are a host of investigative companies yet Spousebusters delivered on all occasions. A testament to their expertise and delivery.”

Margaret C

“I searched for Private Investigator Sydney and came across Spousebusters. I have used Private Investigators in the past but have found Spousebusters to be the most professional. I would highly recommend using Spousebusters for any Private Investigation requirements in Sydney, however I believe they operate nationwide. Thanks again Spousebusters”

Joanne W

“I contacted Spousebusters late on a Saturday evening and they were able to organise an agent to start at 6am the following morning. I found out all I needed to know plus more. Thank you for your prompt service and kind ear!”

Jenny T

“I contacted the team at Spousebusters and found them extremely professional and understanding to my needs. The phone software is amazing and assisted me in my situation letting me sleep at night. I have shared me experience with my close friends and would highly recommend the phone software to anyone needing help.”

Dion R

“I just want to thank Shane and the team at Spousebusters for their professional, discreet, honest approach when dealing with my case. They respected me and my concerns and followed through on everything they said they would. The integrity that this company and its staff operate by was certainly shown through the results they achieved for me. Thank you for getting me the answers I needed!”

Natasha A

“If you have a need for a Private Investigator in Sydney do yourself a favour and call Shane at Spousebusters. He is very professional and will help you with whatever you need. Ask him about the spy products they sell, they are out of this world. It is incredible the amount of information they are able to obtain. Thanks Spousebusters. I will be recommending you to everyone.”

Karin C

“I take this opportunity to express my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to Shane Johnson and his team at Spousebusters. Sometime ago I contacted Shane regarding the situation and how the organization could help me get my life back in control after horrific circumstances. Recently I contacted Shane who expressed to me that I needed to act quickly as my health was deteriorating.

I recently travelled overseas. The service whilst away and prior to that was outstanding. Information was prompt, discreet and full security even when I contacted the team I too was vetted to ensure that I was the client. Impressive.

I personally thank Shane for his advice, care and full support. Shane and his team are an asset to assisting reclaiming your life in a positive way. Thank you so much.”

Pete H

“Such great technology. It’s amazing the spy products available on the market today. Spousebusters are very knowledgeable about such things and helped me out a great deal.”

Julie T

“I would like to thank you again for the professional and efficient handling of my request. The timely information that you provided helped me to realise what I have known for so long but was unable to prove.It has allowed me to move on with my life. Spousebusters is the real deal! I am extremely impressed with your level of customer service and your outstanding operation. Everything happened so fast! I was amazed at the quality and professionalism here and felt it necessary to write in to tell you. It’s exactly what I was looking for and I will recommend you to anyone that needs you. Thanks again,”

Robert S


Spousebusters did a fantastic job! They were able to obtain excellent photographic evidence, both inside a dimly lit bar and outside at night. Their work leaves no doubt that they are the best in business.

They have completely surpassed our expectations. They really saved me a lot of time and effort. The result I obtained from Spousebusters was worth much more to me than I paid.
Keep up the fantastic job.”

Annie, B

“Thanks again for such quick support and action last week.
Also for taking away your personal time over the weekend with receiving my phone call/s.

I am very pleased to tell you that I have found myself in your 5% category, the receiver of some very good news….
The service you have provided itself is private and reassures me that my imagination was running away from me.

As I said I have never once over the past 15 years not trusted my husband or thought of him in this way and what you have provided me gives me the security that I was feeling the wrong thing.
Without this reassurance who knows how out of hand it all could of gotten.
So in many ways instead of breaking a family up, (which is probably the majority of your business outcomes) this time it has kept us all together.
For that I am grateful to you and your business.
I still have the faith I have always had, I just needed something small to keep it going and you have definitely given this to me. If I saw you in person I would probably give you a big hug of appreciation.”

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