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Canberra’s Most Effective Private Detective Services

Spousebusters has gained a solid reputation nationwide for helping clients learn the truth about their significant others. We proudly offer our private investigations services in Canberra.

Most of our clients come to us fearing the worst. They suspect that the person they should love and trust the most has betrayed them. Their partner suddenly stops allowing access to a phone, suddenly goes dark for hours during the day, or has unexplainable charges and phone numbers showing up on bills.

You need the truth. You need Spousebusters.

Why Hire a Private Detective in Canberra

So many people develop a suspicion. They try to look into it or confront their significant other directly. Those who confront will get reasonable explanations. Those who investigate usually get caught. Either way, the wayward spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend works harder to cover their tracks and generate better explanations.

Hiring a respected firm of private detectives in Canberra will put professional investigators on the job. They understand the traditional techniques of keeping track of subjects, but can also employ digital-age savvy.

Spousebusters does more than give romantic partners the peace of mind that truth provides. We also specialise in tracking down missing persons. Friends and family with loved ones who have disappeared get thorough and compassionate services from Spousebusters. We urge those with missing loved ones to call sooner rather than later as leads can dry up quickly.

Spousebusters Goes Farther

Most investigations firms take your suspicions and provide a report detailing more suspicions. Spousebusters, a fully government licensed firm, employs proven techniques that abide fully by federal law and also get results.

We work to gather hard evidence of the truth, no matter which way it points. It is a happy day when we can reassure our client of their partner’s truthfulness. Conversely, we work hard to help those that truly experience betrayal by gathering facts that can be used to make future decisions or even help in court.

Reach Out Today

If you need private investigations in Canberra today, call Spousebusters at 1300 SPOUSE.  Our compassionate and experienced staff know that this may be the toughest call you ever make.  They will work with you to answer questions and schedule a consultation.

Remember that we also find missing persons, investigate shady business partners, and help clients with other issues as well.

You deserve to know the truth. Spousebusters will work to find it for you.

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