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  • Hereby instruct SpouseBusters Australia to conduct lawful surveillance
  • The Hourly rate, kilometre rate as well as all other associated costs have been explained to me and I undertake to pay all reasonable costs in relation to the surveillance carried out. The client acknowledges that he/she has received advice in relation to the work he/she has instructed SpouseBusters to do, including the provision of Investigation services. The client further acknowledges and warrants that the work SpouseBusters have been instructed to do is for a lawful purpose.
  • Cost Schedule

    General Investigations & Surveillance

    $100.00 per hour

    Kilometres Charge

    $1.00 per kilometre



    Misc Expenses

    At Cost
    • All prices quoted exclude GST.
    • In addition to costs for General Investigations and Surveillance you may be liable for further
    • Administrative costs including but not limited to telephone charges, postage and handling, report writing, parking and tolls.
    • All charges for Surveillance are subject to a 4 hour minimum call out rate.
    • Surveillance Costs commence from the time Operatives depart the SpouseBusters Head Office and concludes when the Operatives arrive back at Head Office.
    • All SpouseBusters Operatives are highly experienced sub-contractors who hold their own individual Private Investigators license.
    • A deposit of approximately 50% is required before job commencement which can be provided by Credit Card, Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit, Money Order or Paypal.
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