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Gambling addiction is a challenging issue, often hidden beneath the surface, causing significant damage if not addressed promptly. According to the statistics on gambling addiction in Australia, about 1.6 million Australians are at risk of having a gambling problem. Many lose their money in the huge sporting clubs of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and Australia’s biggest city, where poker machines are numbered in the hundreds and are guaranteed to return a profit. It’s clear that a sizable number of people deal with this form of compulsive gambling, often without their loved ones’ knowledge. In this post, we explore seven signs that your spouse might be battling a gambling addiction.

What is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction, or problem gambling, is a debilitating disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to gamble incessantly. The individual continues to gamble despite the toll it takes on their life, leading to severe psychological and financial consequences. It’s not just the money they lose, but also the time, energy, and relationships that are compromised along the way.

Why Do People Get Addicted to Gambling?

The reasons for gambling addiction can be many. It could be for the thrill of betting. Some people use it to escape from stress and emotional pain.

Seven Signs Your Spouse Might Be Addicted to Gambling

Knowing the signs of gambling addiction is key. Here are seven signs that your spouse might have a hidden addiction:

1. Money Problems Without Reason

If your spouse often runs out of money, borrows money for no good reason, or hides their spending, these might be signs of a gambling problem.

2. Change in How They Act

You might see changes in your spouse’s behavior. They might be upset a lot, especially when they can’t gamble.

3. Thinking About Gambling A Lot

If your spouse talks a lot about gambling, thinks a lot about betting, or shows a strong interest in gambling, these are signs of addiction.

4. Ignoring Responsibilities

If your spouse starts to ignore their duties because of gambling, that’s a clear sign of a problem.

5. Gambling More and More

If your spouse is spending more time gambling and less time doing other things, this is a common sign of gambling addiction.

6. Trying and Failing to Stop

If your spouse has tried many times to stop or cut back on gambling and can’t, it’s likely they have a problem.

7. Trying to Win Back Lost Money

If your spouse keeps gambling more to try to win back the money they lost, that’s a clear sign of a problem.

The Hidden Hurt: The Bad Effects of Gambling Addiction

The harm from gambling addiction can hurt the whole family. This could include:

  • Emotional pain: Stress, sadness, and thoughts of hurting oneself can happen in people with gambling problems.
  • Feeling guilty and ashamed: They might feel bad for their behavior but feel they can’t change it.
  • Feeling worthless: They might feel bad about themselves because they can’t quit gambling.
  • Problems in relationships: Addiction can strain relationships and even cause problems at work.

How to Find Out the Truth

If you suspect your spouse is hiding their gambling problem, you might need to take action. Engaging private investigators from SpouseBuster can provide the discreet assistance you need to catch someone who is lying about their addiction. Our team of experienced professionals can gather the necessary evidence without compromising your relationship.

How to Beat Gambling Addiction

Beating a gambling addiction is possible. Here are some ways:

Therapy and Talking Groups

Talking to a professional can help a lot. They can understand the problem, find out what causes it, and help change it.

Self-Help Groups

Groups like Gamblers Anonymous can give the support that’s needed. It can help to share stories with others who have the same problem.


In some cases, medicine can help with symptoms or with other mental health problems like depression or anxiety.

There’s Always Hope

While there’s no quick fix, therapy, lifestyle changes, and sometimes medicine, can help a lot with gambling addiction.

Knowing the signs of gambling addiction is the first step to recovery. Remember, you’re not alone. At SpouseBuster, we’re here to help. Don’t let gambling addiction silence your loved ones. Reach out to us today. We’re here to help and guide you.

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