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SpouseBusters Australia is one of the nations most effective and discrete private investigators. Our job is to uncover the truth in a private and secure way. Our ring of private investigators is spread all across the nation so no matter where the investigation takes us we are ready.

We know the importance of being flexible in both time and location which is why we are set up to deal with cases that span all across the nation – whether you suspect your partner of doing things on business trips or you want to uncover the truth about someone in another region, we can accommodate all your needs.

Here are some of the regions SpouseBusters Australia offer services to:


New South Wales


South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory





Australian Capital Territory

These are just some of the major cities and regions, we do offer services to anywhere across the nation if need be.

Get in touch with SpouseBusters today if you need a flexible nation-wide investigator to uncover the truth!

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