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Counter Surveillance Devices camera installed on a building wall.

Ever-vigilant Eye: Modern CCTV Surveillance System.

Counter-surveillance devices are becoming increasingly critical in a world where privacy invasion is a growing concern, especially post-separation. This post delves into the essentials of counter-surveillance in modern Australia and how these devices can play a pivotal role in maintaining your private life.

Why Protecting Yourself with Counter Surveillance is Crucial

When the thought of being constantly watched unnerves you, it’s time to take counter-surveillance measures. Privacy is precious, especially when the intrusion could come from a person you once shared life with. A private investigator for counter surveillance can help you secure your space; here’s how:

Detecting Invasion

Spotting signs of a privacy breach is the first step. Odd interference on your devices or door locks not working right can be hinted at.

Ensuring Safety

Countersurveillance measures ensure your home, car, and office are free from spying. You live life your way.

Regaining Peace of Mind

Knowing your life stays private is key to mental peace. Counter-surveillance tools let you live without fear. 

6 Vital Counter Surveillance Devices

Here are eight tools that can guard your privacy:

  1. Mobile Phone Monitoring: This tool keeps tabs on mobile and internet use. It tracks activities and communications. You get data like SMS messages, emails, web browsing, and phone calls on your web account.
  2. Camera Clock with Live Streaming: This device lets you see what’s happening when you’re not around. It alerts you when motion is detected. It records clear 1080p video and has an invisible Wi-Fi mode.
  3. 2-in-1 Real-Time GPS Tracker: This device gives real-time location updates. Not just past locations like other GPS trackers.
  4. Voice Activated Recording Device: This small device records high-quality audio. It has a built-in AGC system that adjusts to the environment and a sensitive microphone.
  5. Computer Monitoring Software: This software records all computer activity and sends you a report when you want. It updates you in real-time on emails, chats, and instant messages.
  6. CCTV Camera Package: Ideal for homes or small businesses. This DIY package has everything needed to set up a digital surveillance system with network and remote access.

Why Hiring a Private Investigator for Counter Surveillance is Wise

When countering surveillance, a professional private investigator is a great help. Here’s why:


They are trained experts who can find bugs, detect hidden cameras, and stop unauthorized voice recording.


 The right tools and know-how ensure every nook and cranny is checked for spying devices.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional for counter surveillance takes the worry off your shoulders. It gives you the peace you seek.


To summarize, counter-surveillance in modern Australia is more than a luxury. It’s a need to keep your privacy and peace of mind. So, act today, arm yourself with these devices, or hire a pro to ensure you’re safe because peace of mind is priceless.

Note: If you feel your privacy is being invaded, contact us at Spousebusters. We are committed to protecting your privacy rights.


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