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A long-married woman contacted Spousebusters to help her to resolve a tricky dilemma. She told us that a junior staff member at her husband’s firm had been exhibiting flirtatious behaviour toward her CEO husband ever since the previous year’s office holiday party, but whenever she broached the topic he brushed it off and refused to acknowledge it might present further problems in future. 


To forestall a bonafide “Love Actually” disaster, our client commissioned Spousebusters to conduct surveillance at the office party venue to monitor the junior staffer’s behaviour so she could see for herself how far things had gone. Surveillance revealed some highly inappropriate behaviour on the part of the junior staffer toward not only the CEO but a couple other members of the firm which helped to clarify the situation in our client’s mind so she could decide how to proceed next.


Every year, Spousebusters Private Investigators conduct surveillance on work groups attending bars and clubs, restaurants, function centres and other venues. Sometimes our investigators observe harmless flirting, but in other cases our PI’s end up following two staff members back to a hotel room.


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