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Complete 4 Channel Digital Video Surveillance Kit with 4x Colour Weatherproof Day/Night Cameras

This DIY package is ideal for the home or small business owners wanting to setup a digital surveillance system with network and remote access. Kit includes everything needed to set up the system with a 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder with 80GB hard drive, 4 Day/Night weatherproof cameras, power supplies and camera connection cables.

The whole system has been designed to allow simple installation and operation and comes with easy to follow step-by-step installation and operation manuals.

Some Key DVR Features

  • Advanced MPEG4 Video Compression Technology
  • Multiplex Operation
  • Long Recording
  • Intelligent Video Motion Detection Recording
  • Remote Network Surveillance & Backup Functions
  • and many more…

Click here to download 4 Channel Digital Video Surveillance Kit Brochure and to learn more about this CCTV Camera Package. Enquire Now
CCTV Camera Package

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